Routing and toll calculator: what benefits can it bring to hauliers?

The main aim of any company is to do its work quickly and efficiently, so that customers can be fully satisfied with the services it offers. The same is true for route and toll calculators, as they take care of planning the best routes, avoiding obstacles and unnecessary stops. They also warn you of the tolls you will have to pay along your route.

And how could you not have such a useful tool? Even so, there are more aspects of the operation of this type of tool that also need to be taken into account so that you can get the most out of it.

Route calculators, everything you need to know

Did you know that by using tools like these you can reduce your logistics costs between 30% and 50%, thereby increasing your company’s profitability?

By using route planning software, it is possible to find the shortest routes and the best conditions to carry out each shipment. Saving fuel and avoiding greater wear and tear on the vehicle fleet.

The usual thing in this type of route calculator software is to enter the information about the vehicle. However, it is also necessary to enter information about the goods, so that the loading can be done efficiently and easily removed at delivery. In addition, this information makes it possible to avoid areas where there are weight and height restrictions that the delivery truck cannot pass through.

Finally, route calculators also require entering the delivery points of the route. Some even allow you to enter the times at which each of the goods must be delivered. Designing an intelligent route to optimise deliveries and times as much as possible.

An effective toll calculator

Although it is true that tolls are a part to take into account when calculating the route of any truck. The truth is that not all route calculators incorporate a toll calculator that automatically gives the data of the payments to be made on the road.

The main reason why it is difficult to find toll calculators is due to it variation from year to year. In many cases, software and informative articles tend to become outdated very quickly, so the best option for calculating tolls once the route is available is to consult the official website of the Ministry of Public Works.

On the official website of the Ministry of Public Works it is possible to find a complete list of toll motorways with a table detailing the rates in force for the current year. In each of these tables it is even possible to find the amount to be paid depending on the vehicle category, as well as the price variations that occur in the low and the high season.

Platforms for calculating routes and tolls

Having a route and toll calculator makes it possible to carry out the transport of goods more efficiently, optimising the time of each journey. And, although there are many softwares that can be found on the market to perform these calculations, it is also possible to find an online platform to do so:

  • Google Maps: The easiest option to use, but without all the functionalities desirable for a professional route calculator.
  • PTV Map&Guide: Allows the calculation of the fastest, shortest and most cost-effective route for the haulier. It takes into account driving times so that the haulier can take the necessary rest.
  • Cargota: The website offers a free route calculator to find out the shortest, most economical and fastest routes that can be taken by truck or van.
  • RouteXL: Allows you to calculate the fastest route via multiple addresses. All you need to do is enter all the addresses of the route and it will design a customised route for the haulier.
  • Via Michelin: The Michelin Guide has a platform and app where you can easily calculate both routes and tolls. Its calculations include an estimate of how much fuel would have to be spent on the route.
  • Waze: The app not only allows you to calculate the best route in real time to avoid possible delays and traffic jams. It also allows you to calculate the price of the tolls you will have to pass through along the route.

Calculate your route with WebTrans

At WebTrans we know how important it is for any haulier to optimise their journey times in order to obtain the highest possible profitability. For this reason, on our platform you can have a free route calculator that will make each of your journeys more efficient and comfortable.

With it, you can find out the different route alternatives from the pick-up point to the destination point and whether or not tolls are involved.

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