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Logistics and Transport

What is the purpose of a Transport orders?

You still don’t automate your work process? Start saving time and money by managing Transport orders digitally from WebTrans – find out how it works! In 2 steps, you will have them ready.

The green logistics are accelerating. Are we ready for it?

Limiting the impact of human beings on the planet and achieving sustainable development has gone from being an option to being a necessity. An urgency.

Logistics, an indispensable sector for the economic system

In Webtrans we know the importance of the work of the transport professionals, who have been positioned in this crisis as real heroes.

International Transport

Do you know all the documents for an international transport?

Don’t miss the details of each of the documents that you need to carry out an international transport of freight – find out everything in this article!

The Brexit and the customs formalities

Among other issues, the Brexit, means that the flows of goods between Spain and the United Kingdom are no longer considered as intra-community operations but are subject to customs formalities.

The importance of Incoterms 2020 in the international transport of goods

One of the fundamental aspects in the international transport of goods is that of the Incoterms. The short form of the term International Commercial Terms, is a concept created by the Chamber of Commerce to facilitate international commerce. Choosing and defining the Incoterms in each operation is fundamental to establish the business conditions, since through …


Smart tachograph, do you know what it is and how it works?

The new Smart tachographs will have to be installed from 15 of June 2019 and you want to know what changes this implies?

Winter Truck Driving Tips

From WebTrans we give you some tips so that you can drive a truck in winter and confront this difficult time.

10 ways to save fuel with the truck

If you still don’t save fuel, then you haven’t read our tips yet – take a look and optimize your costs!

Still do not know WebTrans?

Insure your services against unpaid bills!

Would you like to know how best to insure your work against unpaid invoices? We explain how to use WebSecure, the service that will pay your invoices.

Webtrans collaborates with Unicef to win the battle against the coronavirus

For each annual subscription, Webtrans will make a donation of 50 euros to the NGO

Did you know that you can earn money if you offer your loads on WebTrans?

We introduce you to WRewards, the WebTrans fidelity program with which you always win.


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