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Use of digital invoice in the transport sector

Do you always send and receive your invoices on paper? Don’t miss all the benefits that the use of digital invoicing can bring to you and your company. We also explain how to generate them easily.

4 common problems in the logistics and transport sector And how to solve them!

4 of the most common problems in the logistics and transport sector can have their days counted thanks to these tips. Take a look and don’t hesitate to put them into practice!

How to reduce the risks in warehouses?

Did you ever have any problems in the warehouse? Did you get an I.D.? In this post we’ll talk about how to reduce warehouse risk.

International Transport

Do you know all the documents for an international transport?

Don’t miss the details of each of the documents that you need to carry out an international transport of freight – find out everything in this article!

Do you know what the last mile is?

You may have heard of the term “last mile”, but do you know exactly what it is? Find out all the details in this article.

The importance of Incoterms 2020 in the international transport of goods

One of the fundamental aspects in the international transport of goods is that of the Incoterms. The short form of the term International Commercial Terms, is a concept created by the Chamber of Commerce to facilitate international commerce. Choosing and defining the Incoterms in each operation is fundamental to establish the business conditions, since through …


Recommendations for hauliers that you should know about

Many inexperienced (or experienced) hauliers can make mistakes at their job, which is perfectly normal. But if these mistakes are made on the road, they could lead to a tragedy.

Winter Truck Driving Tips

From WebTrans we give you some tips so that you can drive a truck in winter and confront this difficult time.

Mooring and stowage of loads: Differences and recommendations

Cargo securing does not only care for the people involved in the loading, unloading, or driving of the vehicles, but also for the other people on the road.

Still do not know WebTrans?

At Webtrans we are committed to the recovery of the logistics sector and we are committed to you

In these months we have developed several initiatives so that all those involved in the logistics process can make their work more profitable and easier At Webtrans we never stop and we always want to go further. As well as being the technological platform that solves all the needs of the logistics sector and having …

Insure your services against unpaid bills!

Would you like to know how best to insure your work against unpaid invoices? We explain how to use WebSecure, the service that will pay your invoices.

Webtrans, an intelligent digital tool able to make the logistics work more efficient

Over 10,000 companies across Europe have already digitalised their work with Webtrans. 


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