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10 logistics trends that will improve the transport sector in 2019

Acabamos de empezar 2019, pero ya tenemos claro cuáles van a ser las tendencias que marcarán este año dentro del sector de la logística.

Keys to understand where we are going and how to get there

We are living a transformation in the logistics transport industry that has accelerated quickly in the last 10 years. 

What is the purpose of a Transport orders?

You still don’t automate your work process? Start saving time and money by managing Transport orders digitally from WebTrans – find out how it works! In 2 steps, you will have them ready.

International Transport

The Brexit and the customs formalities

Among other issues, the Brexit, means that the flows of goods between Spain and the United Kingdom are no longer considered as intra-community operations but are subject to customs formalities.

Do you know what the last mile is?

You may have heard of the term “last mile”, but do you know exactly what it is? Find out all the details in this article.

The importance of Incoterms 2020 in the international transport of goods

One of the fundamental aspects in the international transport of goods is that of the Incoterms. The short form of the term International Commercial Terms, is a concept created by the Chamber of Commerce to facilitate international commerce. Choosing and defining the Incoterms in each operation is fundamental to establish the business conditions, since through …


Carrier, avoid the late payments

Webtrans is making it real with its new tool: Fast Payment Are you a haulier? Self-employed? We know what you have to face every day. In your work, which is hard enough by itself, you have to add other things that take up your time and energy. In addition, you often don’t know when you’ll …

Winter Truck Driving Tips

From WebTrans we give you some tips so that you can drive a truck in winter and confront this difficult time.

10 ways to save fuel with the truck

If you still don’t save fuel, then you haven’t read our tips yet – take a look and optimize your costs!

Still do not know WebTrans?

Webtrans integrates a compatible fleet manager for all mobile types devices

The incorporation of real-time GPS tracking of vehicles provides transport professionals with the ability to reduce mobility costs by up to 20%.

Did you know that you can earn money if you offer your loads on WebTrans?

We introduce you to WRewards, the WebTrans fidelity program with which you always win.

Transport 4.0

When we talk about Transport 4.0 we are referring to the revolution in transport management processes, derived from the use of a set of new technologies and processes framed within the “fourth industrial revolution”, which is characterised by linking the cybernetic and the physical world. 


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