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10 logistics trends that will improve the transport sector in 2019

Acabamos de empezar 2019, pero ya tenemos claro cuáles van a ser las tendencias que marcarán este año dentro del sector de la logística.

How cargo consolidation works

Each of the processes involved in the transport of goods is essential to ensure that the goods arrive at their destination in perfect condition. Especially if you opt for a type of transport such as groupage or freight consolidation. But do you know in detail all the processes associated with the consolidation of loads? In …

What is the purpose of a Transport orders?

You still don’t automate your work process? Start saving time and money by managing Transport orders digitally from WebTrans – find out how it works! In 2 steps, you will have them ready.

International Transport

The Brexit and the customs formalities

Among other issues, the Brexit, means that the flows of goods between Spain and the United Kingdom are no longer considered as intra-community operations but are subject to customs formalities.

Air transport: What different types of container exists?

The convenience and speed offered by air transport has meant that more and more companies are turning to it to move their goods. In order for these goods to arrive safely and in good condition, pallets or air containers are used, which are designed to fit into the fuselage of the aircraft. These methods allow …

Routing and toll calculator: what benefits can it bring to hauliers?

The main aim of any company is to do its work quickly and efficiently, so that customers can be fully satisfied with the services it offers. The same is true for route and toll calculators, as they take care of planning the best routes, avoiding obstacles and unnecessary stops. They also warn you of the …


Recommendations for hauliers that you should know about

Many inexperienced (or experienced) hauliers can make mistakes at their job, which is perfectly normal. But if these mistakes are made on the road, they could lead to a tragedy.

The most dangerous roads in the world

Curves, sharp slopes, landslides, freezes and even the danger of swells characterize these five roads which, despite claiming many lives each year, have become a tourist destination for those who are looking for strong emotions. Do you see yourself working for them, or better still on vacation?

Smart tachograph, do you know what it is and how it works?

The new Smart tachographs will have to be installed from 15 of June 2019 and you want to know what changes this implies?

Still do not know WebTrans?

At Webtrans we are committed to the recovery of the logistics sector and we are committed to you

In these months we have developed several initiatives so that all those involved in the logistics process can make their work more profitable and easier At Webtrans we never stop and we always want to go further. As well as being the technological platform that solves all the needs of the logistics sector and having …

The new service for air transport takes off now!

The use of cargo airplanes for the transport of goods has increased significantly in the last few years.

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