How the WebTrans Fast Payment system works for you

Sometimes customers can be late in paying for the services, which leads the self-employed haulier to make an exercise of faith and keep working, even if this means assuming the costs of the service in advance: fuel, allowances, possible tolls…. What if there was a way to avoid this situation with WebTrans Fast Payment?

WebTrans says welcome the Fast Payment

How can a self-employed haulier continue to work if his customers have not yet paid their invoices? The goal of WebTrans has always been to make the work easier for the transport professionals and to help them to make their business more profitable.

For this reason we have created a service called Fast Payment, which will allow you to collect your invoices in advance in only 48 hours. A way to prevent you, as a self-employed haulier, from finding yourself without sufficient liquidity to continue working and financing your journeys in spite of the risk of non-payment.

Learn more about the advantages of the service

Our intention has always been to help you to boost your business, whether you are a self-employed haulier or a transport company. And one of the best ways we’ve found is by creating the Fast Payment service.

Find out more about the benefits you can get by opting for this system:

  • International service. Whether the invoices are generated in any other country, the WebTrans Fast Payment service allows you to collect any of them.
  • No unexpected charges. We will not charge you interest, and you will not need any guarantees or explanations.
  • Minimal fees. So minimal that you’ll almost never have to notice.
  • Collections within 48 hours. Whether your invoices are due in 30, 60, 90 or even more days, you can still collect them in 48 hours thanks to the Fast Payment system.
  • Maintain liquidity. With the Fast Payment service, you will not have to advance your own money in order to carry out the services, because you can collect the invoices from your clients as soon as you need them. From WebTrans we will make sure that the clients respond on the invoice collection date.

Making your day-to-day life much easier has been our main objective from the beginning. That’s why we like to share with you cases of self-employed hauliers that we have already helped with the Fast Payment service. Such as Antonio Cruz Morales, from Transportes Frontera:

” The Fast Payment service ” has been a real discovery. I contacted WebTrans through their freight exchange and when they told me about this service I didn’t even think about it, I had nothing to lose. Now I have enough cash to continue working day by day in my truck and invest in new routes that generate more income for me. I have gained in financial and mental health, because I no longer go around the world angry and complaining about invoices”.

How to use the Fast Payment System in 10 steps

To use the Fast Payment system you only need to register on our website, upload your invoices to the platform and wait 48 hours to check that the payment is already in your account.

So that there is no doubt, we are going to guide you through the 10 steps you will have to take to enjoy the WebTrans Fast Payment service:

  1. Enter the WebTrans platform.
  2. Fill in the form with your details (you will only have to do this the first time).
  3. Add the companies you work with.
  4. Accept the conditions and send your application.
  5. We will reply to your application via email with the instructions you will have to follow.
  6. Once your application has been approved, you will be able to upload your invoices. It is recommended that you group invoices from the same client into a single invoice to save costs.
  7. Fill in the form that will appear and attach the invoice.
  8. Inform your customers that they will receive an email which they must confirm in order to be able to pay the invoice.
  9. Once the invoice has been reviewed and accepted by your client. We will inform you of its status via email within 48 hours.
  10. And, if everything is correct, you will receive the amount of the invoice in your account.

At WebTrans we have created the Fast Payment service so that you have sufficient liquidity to allow you to keep moving. Because you are WebTrans’ priority. Remember, all you have to do is register on the website, attach your invoices and wait 48 hours. How can you resist something so simple?

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