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Loads in real time

Up arrowOrigin Destination arrowDestination Load weightWeight Size weightLength
BelgiumBE (3583) Beringen Paal GermanyDE (10785) Berlin 1.00(Tn) 4.00(m)
GermanyDE (25361) Süderau GermanyDE (06628) Taugwitz Spielberg 24.00(Tn) 13.60(m)
NetherlandsNL (7741) Coevorden FranceFR (64140) Lons 24.00(Tn) 13.60(m)
SpainES (17007) Girona FranceFR (59553) Cuincy 1.00(Tn) 4.00(m)
SpainES (08403) Granollers FranceFR (82370) Labastide-Saint-Pierre 1.00(Tn) 4.00(m)
SpainES (08755) Castellbisbal FranceFR (69650) Quincieux 25.00(Tn) 13.60(m)
NetherlandsNL (5089) Haghorst FranceFR (76400) Maniquerville 24.00(Tn) 13.60(m)
GermanyDE (50374) Erftstadt GermanyDE (74189) Weinsberg 24.00(Tn) 13.60(m)
SpainES (08700) Igualada GermanyDE (78564) Wehingen 25.00(Tn) 13.60(m)
GermanyDE (33334) Gütersloh FranceFR (57455) Seingbouse 1.00(Tn) 3.50(m)
FranceFR (77290) Mitry-Mory FranceFR (69740) Genas 24.00(Tn) 13.60(m)
ItalyIT (51100) Pistoia GermanyDE (37127) Bühren 24.00(Tn) 13.60(m)
SpainES (19210) Yunquera De Henares FranceFR (30800) Saint-Gilles 1.00(Tn) 4.00(m)
FranceFR (77290) Mitry-Mory FranceFR (16000) Angoulême 24.00(Tn) 13.60(m)
SpainES (19210) Yunquera De Henares FranceFR (38070) Saint-Quentin-Fallavier 24.00(Tn) 13.60(m)
ItalyIT (43018) Trecasali BelgiumBE (9050) Gent 24.00(Tn) 13.60(m)
SpainES (28947) Fuenlabrada FranceFR (61400) Saint-Langis-lès-Mortagne 1.00(Tn) 4.00(m)
FranceFR (59166) Bousbecque FranceFR (34420) Portiragnes 24.00(Tn) 13.60(m)
FranceFR (95330) Domont FranceFR (51100) Reims 24.00(Tn) 13.60(m)
FranceFR (77290) Mitry-Mory FranceFR (59720) Louvroil 24.00(Tn) 13.60(m)

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