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We adapt to you

Van carrier


You need loads? Optimize your return trips! Maximize the profitability of your trips with us. From our system, you will be able to access a wide range of charges. You will also be able to access all the services we offer to improve and facilitate your daily work.

Freight forwarder plain

Freight forwarder

Are you a logistics operator? With our international and national freight exchange, you can search, buy or advertise freights easily, quickly and safely. In addition, access to all the services we have associated with our platform.

Production company

Production and trade

Do you need to transport your goods? In our platform, you can advertise your freights and/or find the ideal transport for your company, by making contact with the carriers and agencies that adapt to your company's specific needs.


Also with our freight exchange you can enjoy the use of...


With this service you can ensure the collection of your invoices, thanks to the COFACE guarantee


Transportation management and optimization system. Select and assign loads. Send transport orders directly to the carrier. Global view of your work with the planning management. Send electronic CMR directly to the carrier. Manage invoices and documentation in a simple way


Advertise offers for large freights quickly and easily. Carriers and agencies will be able to access those offers by bidding on them.


Inform your customers of the follow-up of their shipments. Simplify the shipping of the loading documentation. Real-time validation of each delivery stage, to bring confidence to the customer


Say goodbye to the traditional waybill. With our freight exchange you can generate the CMR digitally. No need for papers or additional applications. You save in time and management and also provide reliability to your transactions:

Countries that have already ratified the use of e-CMR

e-CMR use in Europe

A freight exchange efficient and adaptable

In WebTrans, we know that every user is unique, therefore, we have designed our freight exchange with different tools for every type of user: