Freight exchange. Maritime transport

Freight exchange for maritime transport


With WebSea you can manage all the transport details related to maritime cargo.

This freight exchange for maritime transport is aimed both at companies looking for carriers to handle to move their goods by sea, as well as to companies specializing in the transport of goods by sea who want to find loads and freight so that they can amortize the trips of their fleet.

WebTrans offers you the most efficient solution at European level for the transfer of goods by sea.

maritime freight exchange


  • You have all the available resources to increase your benefits.
  • Optimise your company's logistical processes, manage your own containers and third-party containers, and start your way to success with the advantages offered by the WebTrans freight exchange for maritime transport.


The mission of this platform is to satisfy all the needs that companies and carriers may have, offering them the following advantages:

  • Locate and find loads for maritime transport every day.
  • Tracking and status of containers worldwide.
  • Printing of shipping related documents including Bills of Lading.

Other exchanges

Check also our land and air freight exchange to complete your transport journey.

freight exchange trucks Europe


Ensure door-to-door transport in combination with our overland and air routes, both nationally and internationally.

  • Find the trucks and vans that best suit your requirements in real-time.
  • Ensure the movement of your goods from their origin to the consignee.
  • Contact more than 10,000 companies directly.

aerial freight exchange


In addition to sea routes, we also offer you the possibility of using the air freight exchange.

  • Book a space or a complete aircraft with a pre-defined route.
  • Choose the shipping method that best matches your needs: door-to-door, door-to-airport, airport-to-door or airport-to-airport.
  • Manage all your documents easily and in a few easy steps.

A platform for the most complete management

WebTrans adapts to each and every one of your company's needs. Have a look at our different services packs and choose the one that best suits your company's needs.

WebTrans for Transporters

Discover heavyweight and lightweight loads that are available in real-time on a national and international level.


WebTrans for Freight Forwarders

Access thousands of loads and vehicles in real-time to make each journey profitable.


WebTrans for Production and Trading

Simplify your management processes through our platform.


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