Land, air… and now the sea!

We are launching a new service to boost the logistics by sea.

Now, more than ever, we want to be at the side of all the agents in the sector. We were already involved in logistics by land and by air, but from today, we are also simplifying the work by sea. 

The maritime transport has always been the natural way of international trading, but in front of the global phenomenon of the COVID-19, this way is doubly impacted, on the one hand the global economic crisis and on the other hand the decreasing of the imports and exports with China, the main motor of this market in the last decades. 

Today we want to share with you the news of the launching of our specialized service in the maritime transport. A service with new digital solutions to rapidly cover the needs of the different agents in this sector: shipping companies, consignees, forwarders and transport agencies.

With this new tool, we make it available to all our customers, exclusive services such as: 

  • Contact with potential agents so that the merchandise goes from the producer’s door to the consumer’s.
  • Supply of space on demand: complete containers or maritime groupage.
  • Integral management: allows to make all the document management in a few easy steps (international documentation included).
  • Transport without weight, volume or product topology limitations.

We are Webtrans, where the logistics network moves, and that implies many challenges. It implies advancing so that all these digital solutions that we have developed, also serve to feed the business opportunities and the profitability to the different agents of the sector, not only land, sea or air, but all three at the same time. With this tool it becomes easier to be competitive and optimize your resources, forgetting about all the complexities. 





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