4 common problems in the logistics and transport sector And how to solve them!

The logistics and transport sector is one of the fundamental pillars of today’s consumer society.

Likewise, the increase in e-commerce sales makes transport an indispensable sector for many companies.


logistical stages

As we can see in the image above, from the moment a product is manufactured until it reaches the point of sale or distribution, it goes through several stages carefully programmed by the logistic operators. But… What if there is a problem in one of these stages?

Here we show you 4 of the most common problems in the sector and, of course, how to solve them!

1. Documentary errors

Daily transport and logistics require a great deal of documentation, especially when it comes to international transport.

Customs, contracts, delivery notes, bills of lading, invoices…These are just a few examples of the papers to have in order to be able to do a job properly.

The most common failures that we can find at the time of its management is the loss of some of them during the trip, or the errors at the time of its completion.

The main solution to this is digitization. Receiving or sending documents online as well as speeding up the work, can prevent their loss, as everything is recorded automatically.

To do this, today there are countless online management systems for the transport sector or TMS that integrate all the functionality for the completion of documentation of transport and logistics companies in a single platform.

2. Hire an informal transport

The road transport sector is made up of a very high percentage of small businesses and generally employed hauliers.

The latter have some advantages over transport agencies, such as flexibility, but in some cases can pose a risk, not being able to have enough information on who will carry out our transport.

To avoid these inconveniences and to be able to assure that our merchandise will arrive at its destiny in time and form, a good solution is to look for transporters in a freight exchange.

In WebTrans, for example, we validate all subscribing companies, so you can find carefully verified carriers and get all the necessary information about them before performing the transport from our directory of members or using some of our verification services, such as WebInform.

3. Unpaid

Late payment in the transport sector is one of the biggest problems that companies face today.

Although the legislation in force in many European countries indicates that the maximum period for payment of invoices is between 30 or 60 days, the reality is that these are missed in a large number of cases.

This problem often presents a difficult solution, since the insurance offered by some loading platforms only work by offering an intermediary in collection management.

However, for some time now, at WebTrans we have had an advance bill collection service. Through this service, the companies that carry out the transport work will be able to anticipate the payment of their invoices within 48 hours, thus avoiding assuming costs in advance.

advance collection of your invoices

4. Do not confirm schedules with customers

Having control of the goods is one of the most worrying aspects for logistics operators, as deadlines must be carefully met.

Loading and unloading dates may not be met due to countless unforeseen events. This often creates uncertainty and often wastes time and money.

To solve this, one of the best alternatives is to use a tracking system on the part of the carrier. This will not only provide a guarantee to the loader, but will also generate confidence with the carrier who also offers a better service to its customers.

And you, do you know any other problem in the sector? How do you solve it? Leave it in the comments! and do not hesitate to practice any of the solutions we propose.



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  1. You have successfully highlighted the four main problems in the logistics and transport sector in modern times. You have also provided effective solutions to these problems in this article. I will definitely keep all the important points that you have shared with us in my mind and apply them to my business too. Thank you for sharing these amazing tips with us. It was a pleasure reading your article.

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