10 ways to save fuel with the truck

I’m sure you’ve often wondered about how to save fuel when you travel, because diesel spending is one of the most important investments to expand the work as a haulier.

If we add to this the increase in the price of diesel fuel in Europe, we are faced with a major obstacle to the development of the labour market, since in the transport sector, hauliers must in most cases assume the cost of their work before receiving their invoices.

In this way, we have done an intensive search for tips and ideas to save fuel so that you can reduce your expenses!

Methods to save fuel before you start your trip

Before you start driving, there are a number of methods that will help you reduce your fuel costs:

  • Plan your itinerary in advance; defining your itinerary before  starting to drive can help you not only reduce travel time, but also avoid traffic jams or bad roads. Extending the road by 10 minutes can increase fuel consumption by up to 14%.
  • Keeping your truck’s tires in good condition; not wearing them sufficiently inflated or having low rolling resistance is a serious mistake since 25% to 60% of the total diesel expenditure of this type of vehicle depends on it.
  • Use fuel cards: there is certainly nothing better to save than using discount cards or special payment cards for fuel. Today, there are numerous petrol stations throughout Europe where they are accepted.IDS q8
  • Load your truck correctly; travelling empty is a significant cost, but overloading our vehicle can also increase fuel consumption. Good planning and management of transported loads will help you save fuel and optimize your trips.
  • When you start the trip; once you start the gear, start the engine without pressing the accelerator, gradually increase the gears and never accelerate suddenly.

And once on the road…… How can we reduce fuel costs?

But not everything happens by maintaining certain routines before starting to drive, during the trip we can also use certain practices to save fuel:

  • Do not let the engine run at idle; if you find unexpected stops in traffic, try to stop the engine as much as possible.
  • Respect the established speed limits and safety distance to avoid unnecessary braking, which will not only help you reduce your fuel consumption, but also increase your safety.
  • The air conditioning system; the use of air conditioning considerably increases consumption, so to save fuel, try to use it only when it’s necessary and maintain an optimal temperature that can also prevent you from getting unwanted colds.
  • Enjoy the descents, take advantage of the slopes to reduce revolutions and anticipate speed changes.
  • Optimal cruising speed; if you have this option in your vehicle, it will help you maintain a constant speed with which you will save on your diesel consumption.

We hope that with all these tips, you can save as much as possible in your travels and especially help you to boost your work… And you?

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