Webtrans collaborates with Unicef to win the battle against the coronavirus

For each annual subscription, Webtrans will make a donation of 50 euros to the NGO

Unicef is distributing material such as surgical gloves, masks, disinfectant gel and detection kits to stop the infection throughout the world

The coronavirus health crisis requires everyone to come together to stop the spread of the disease. That is why Webtrans is collaborating with Unicef in its solidarity campaign.

From Webtrans we will make a donation of 50 euros for each new annual subscription that will be made until the 1st of June of this year. So each new customer can collaborate in the easiest way in this solidarity action and put their grain of sand so that the solution arrives as soon as possible.

With every 50 euros, for example, 226 pairs of surgical gloves can be distributed to prevent contagion, so imagine what we can do if we join our forces, working to make sure that Unicef manages to provide more resources to those who most need them every day.

Unicef, a great force for solidarity

The coronavirus pandemic is changing the lives of millions of people, including in our country. All efforts are being made to stop it, and at this time, more than ever, it is essential to be united in solidarity in order to stop it and return to normality.

In this situation of health emergency, Unicef is working non-stop to ensure the protection of the children and their families. Since the beginning, they have been bringing supplies to the countries that need them the most, and now to us as well.

In the next few days, Unicef will deliver 400,000 masks, 100,000 virus detection kits, 1,000 protective equipment for health workers and hydroalcoholic gels to disinfect hands to the Spanish healthcare authorities.

The work of the transporters, fundamental to stop the spreading of the contagion

In response to the coronavirus infection, Webtrans has been at the side of the companies, transport agencies and above all the carriers, true unshielded heroes of this crisis, together with health and security forces.

In Webtrans we wanted to honor them with this video while we thank them.

Thanks for the work of the carriers, there have been no problems of shortage of essential products in hospitals, pharmacies or supermarkets. They are the ones who carry out their work to the last mile with a high degree of professionalism, so that everyone who requires it is attended to when it is necessary.

In fact, the public is becoming conscious of the professionalism of the logistics employees. There have been several times, especially through the social networking and other spontaneous ways, the carriers have been applauded massively for doing their job and for helping that nothing stops, delivering hope.

Remember, from Webtrans 50 euros of the profits will be donated for each new annual supscription until the 1st of June, because together we can win this battle.


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