Webtrans, an intelligent digital tool able to make the logistics work more efficient

Over 10,000 companies across Europe have already digitalised their work with Webtrans. 

In the last few years, the company Webtrans has specialised itself in the development of their own technology. What does this mean? An advancement in the digitalisation of the logistics without competence. What Webtrans has obtained in 2 years with its own algorithms has placed them 20 years ahead of any other digital platform in the sector. What’s more, Webtrans is the only digital platform that differently is from other logistics platforms which only offer freight exchanges, it exponentially multiplies its range of digital solutions that simplify the work of ALL agents in the logistics sector, be they on land, at sea or in the air. 

Today, it has become an essential working tool for more than 10,000 companies throughout Europe. Not only does it help to speed up the procedures of its users, but it also makes their business more profitable. Thanks to the so-called Artificial Intelligence, the Webtrans platform, using its own algorithmic calculations, shows them solutions adapted to each need, according to the interests and habits of its user.


Webtrans, in the search for perfection continues to invest in the development of its technology to become an intelligent tool able to interact, more and more, with the user in a more predictive and automated way.


The platform is segmented by the professional profile: self-employed transporters, transport companies, transport agencies, production and trading… and also by the type of logistics (land, sea and air). Each of the profiles has direct access to multiple services adapted to their needs on their own device, i.e. they have all their working tools on their own mobile phone: 

  • Exclusive financing advantages
  • Digital tools to speed up your invoicing 
  • Credit insurance for your invoices
  • Solvency reports about partners
  • Freight exchange adapted to your vehicle and route 
  • Free job exchange for both those looking for work and those who are offering it.
  • Own section for tenders, both to launch and to apply. 

With the time and hard work of the technology and innovation department, all these tools will become part of the use of each user, achieving, thanks to the algorithms that Webtrans is working on, that the tool interacts in an intelligent way [artificial intelligence] with the user. 


A somewhat clearer simile in our daily lives could be, for example, when Google [without us telling it we are on our way to work], while we are logged in, sends us a notification warning of the time it will take, or even if there is an unusual traffic jam, offering us an alternative route… can you imagine how this can simplify your work with your digital logistics tool? how can your business be profitable if the loads are looking for you based on your usual route? the drivers who are available for your transport company’s route are just a click away from your control panel? When it is said that the future of logistics is here, it is because Webtrans has been working on it for years and at last dedication, investment and innovation are paying of themselves. Anyone who thinks that the e-CMR is the digitalisation of logistics is light years away from it.

Currently, Webtrans users already have the benefit of one of the solutions that simplify their day-to-day work, the so-called Dynamic Search, an intelligent tool capable of interacting with the user, which identifies the vehicle, its characteristics, its free capacity, the geographical route and, automatically, in real time: it offers the available loads that best match with each user within the radius of action they choose. 

This system, which is completely independent and exclusive for our clients, is another example of the development of our own Artificial Intelligence which is applied to the platform in order to offer adapted integral solutions. 


With Webtrans, many professionals have the possibility of digitalising and simplifying their work without having to complicate their way of working, or change anything. On the other hand, Webtrans puts it within reach, they only need their mobile phone, tablet or device that they use. Everything else is just a click away, from their website https://www.ewebtrans.com/uk/


For all this, Webtrans is defined as the only digital platform that unifies the entire logistics network. Where the logistics network moves. 

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