Visibility of transport as a way to cost effectiveness

What do we understand by transport visibility?

 It may be understood as a trend born in the last decade, within the world of transport and logistics, which provides monitoring and control information to the different members of the transport chain.

In the current era, most efforts are focused on the speed of shipments and sustainability, but more and more companies are committed to improving the visibility of transport.

Until now it has always been treated with a great deal of secrecy within the sector, but the efforts made by the various companies have made it possible for this to no longer be the case.

Evolution of transport visibility.

What was initially a competitive advantage for the companies that used it, has become a fundamental aspect, since customers have become familiar with it.

Initially, these efforts were made by companies by putting pressure on their employees and their resources, and in the end, incomplete information was obtained.

What solutions does it offer?

The real-time visibility of transport offers us the opportunity to follow the flow of goods at any time and in any place. 

This makes it a fundamental aspect of the global supply chain strategies, as it makes it easier to obtain information in complex industries.

It enables the creation of a connective network across the transport ecosystem. By increasing collaboration and data management, it makes its easier for companies to make short-term decisions and optimise their strategies.

It is useful for customers, dock managers, a producer, in fact, any participant in the chain. For example, if a shop knows when products will arrive with full guarantee, it can prepare itself without wasting manpower.

This data, provided by transport visibility, can often help resolve disputes as carriers and forwarders may have different understandings of definitions.

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