Did you know that you can earn money if you offer your loads on WebTrans?

You can win prizes by publishing your loads in WebTrans!  We present you WRewards, the points program with which WebTrans rewards the trust of our users.
Collecting points is very easy, if you want to know how to do it we’ll tell you right now!

How does WRewards work?

With the WRewards loyalty program, you will earn points every time you post your freight offers on our platform. For each published charge, 0.5 points will be added to your account.
The value of the points is very simple: 1 point is equal to 1€.

The more loads you will publish, the more points you will be able to accumulate and exchange them later.

How can you exchange your points?

To exchange them, you have to accumulate a minimum of 30 points, i.e. you must have published at least 60 loads.
You can convert your points into a bank transfer with the corresponding amount, or with an Amazon gift voucher, it’s up to you!

*Remember! The bank transfer can involve some kind of bank charges

Once you have accumulated enough points, simply contact us by e-mail and we will convert your points into euros by any method you prefer.
Each company has the right to exchange a maximum of 400 points a month. If during this period you exceed this limit, don’t worry, you can exchange them the following month.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I exchange my points during the free trial period?

The only condition for benefiting to this promotion is to be a member of WebTrans, either with the annual membership fee or with the 14-day free trial.
The answer is yes, even during the trial period, you can accumulate WRewards points and exchange them (only if you have reached the minimum of 30 points)

I had 29 points but my free trial has just ended……

If the free trial period has ended or if you do not renew the service and you have not reached the accumulated minimum of 30 points, you will not be able to ask for these points to be redeemed.
But don’t worry, continuing on WebTrans will cost you no more than 300 euros per year and you can continue to convert your loads into euros!

How long does it take for the requested amount to arrive?

The time in which you will be able to dispose of the requested money depends on the method by which you have requested it.
If you have requested an Amazon cheque, you will not have to wait more than 24 working hours to have it in your account.
However, if you request a bank transfer, the time will depend on the procedures between the banks, which can take between 24 hours and three workdays.


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  1. Hello. My name Is Vilém Vasilenko, And I am very interested in starting van 3,5t max. ,driving around Europe. I am from the Czech republic. Do you think I can start carring load With Webtrans as a carrier? I plan to have more vans in the future… Now I drive around Czech Rep. only. Here are two questionsn if you can kindly answer: 1) What are the possible earnings in therms of fare? for instance how many €/km is the usual average fare? 2) Can you suggest me what would be the best way to get started with you? -from zero to hero? thank you. Sincerely yours Vilem. +420604823899

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