Carrier, how do you see your future after COVID-19?

Thousands of workers are facing the virus to do their jobs with the same professionalism as always

The logistics sector represents 6% of the GDP. This segment handles more than 500 million shipments annually, which involves moving 5 million tons a year and employing more than 800,000 employees.

Logistics professionals continue to operate at full capacity to supply the population and to be boosted by the rise in e-commerce

Seven days a week, thousands of road transport professionals keep the logistics sector functioning. They are part of a sector considered essential by the various local, national and international administrations, and are crucial for the supply of the hospitals, pharmacies, supermarkets and petrol stations.

We will never get tired of repeating that the hauliers are the other heroes who work to stop COVID-19, just as they work tirelessly and in the front line of health and security forces. Because in the fight against the virus it is also essential not to transmit it, a point in which the hauliers play a key role by acting as a link between production plants and the general public.

But have you thought about how the sector will change after COVID 19?

At Webtrans we believe that digitalization is the key to improving the efficiency of freight transport in terms of cost, time and respect for the environment. We also believe that for a global digitisation we must collaborate between all the digital platforms in the exchange of information.

It seems obvious that with the crisis of COVID 19 the sector is walking at a fast speed towards digitalization as some of the new rules approved by the EU Council at the beginning of April already announced, see the news El Vigia.

And while the digital re-evolution looks to the future of the logistics sector, at Webtrans we bring this future to your today, to your day-to-day, offering a platform with a world without limits, where you can reach anywhere from one place. In Webtrans we put in your hands the platform that combined artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to facilitate logistics processes by land, sea and air.

With Webtrans you will improve the traceability of your goods, simplify the administrative processes, optimise schedules and traffic flows, increase safety in measures to prevent damage to perishable and dangerous goods and, finally, contribute to reducing the CO2 emissions.

At Webtrans we offer you the control of the entire logistics chain from a unique interface.

In addition, we want to honor with our video to all those heroes who have changed their capes for a wheel, we want to make their way easier, offering loads so that their returns will not come back empty, a invoicing service so that the management is done in real time, an advance payment of their services so that they do not have to wait to be charged for endless days and days and a long etc. That we invite you to discover through our contact forms.

We will never forget that, in spite of everything, you, the hauliers, continue to carry out your work with the same or more, if possible, professionalism as always.

We want to take with this post to remind you that from the company, we have reached an agreement of collaboration with UNICEF by which a donation of 50 euros will be made for each new annual voucher until June 1st. Also from our home we have provided you with direct access to UNICEF for anyone who wants to make a personal donation to the non-profit organization that is allocating the funds to purchase equipment such as masks, surgical gloves, gels … to protect all those who are in the front line of the battle against the virus. Webtrans wants to give our support to UNICEF with this campaign so that the solution arrives as soon as possible.

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