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The e-CMR is the digital version of the CMR which is the document that contains information about the cargo and the agreement that regulates the responsibility, damages and compensations of the parties involved in the whole logistic process. This digital process is a legally and juridically guaranteed process.

What do we offer you with our E-CMR?

  • You will be able to send and receive the bill of lading digitally and automatically.
  • You will have all the documentation secure and gathered in the same device, be it your mobile, tablet or PC.
  • You will be able to check in real-time where and when the electronic signature has taken place, so that you can be able to invoicing at the same time and have your deliveries under control.


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Real-time visibility

The information can be visualised in real-time by the sender, the carrier and the recipient. With the e-CMR you have information about the exact time and position of your goods.

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Link any ERP or TMS with our e-CMR thanks to our API for free.

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According to the eFTI regulation

We comply with the European eFTI regulation according to EU article 2020/1056 thanks to our own development.

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Cost reduction

The costs for the administration procedures are significantly reduced by using only digital documentation in place of the physical documentation. Moreover, as all the documentation is digitalised, there is reduced risk of damage and loss.

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Legal validity

The digital e-CMR is legally validated in all countries that are members of the CMR Convention. The information is available to all stakeholders in the logistics process, which will prevent problems caused by the loosing of the transport documents. An e-CMR also helps to prevent disagreements in case of disputes between the parties involved in the logistics processes, since the information is digital and cannot be modified.

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Preventing falsification of the documents

The information in an e-CMR cannot be manipulated as it records data such as the place, date and time when the transaction was made. This data cannot be changed at a later date.

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Make the process of digitizing your documents much easier with the free E-CMR tool. Get your demo here.

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The e-CMR tool will help you in the process of digitalising your freight documents, simplifying your work. An e-CMR will allow carriers to always be up to date on any changes and unexpected issues, which enables more logistical efficiency. And what is very important: they have the documents at their disposal in a completely secured digital form. Being digital makes it easier for the logistics process parties to respond immediately to any problems that may occur throughout the process.

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