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We want to help you in the process of digitizing your shipping documents. No matter if you are a carrier and/or self-employed, a transport agency or a production company. We simplify your work without any cost for you.

State-of-the-art logistics for freight transport

In a world that turns around the digitalization of processes using technological tools is no longer an option, it is a condition to achieve success. At Webtrans we are characterised by providing our clients with global solutions for the freight transport sector. A prime example is the launch of the e-CMR, a tool for transforming the management of the Waybill. Everything, absolutely everything, can be managed from your mobile phone, from wherever you are and with all the levels of cyber security that businesses need.

What is the e-CMR?

It is a technological platform that allows to simplify the logistics of loading and unloading of goods by road. Our Webtrans e-CMR represents the new generation in the management, administration and monitoring of the CMR waybill. For its design we have used the highest quality standards and its implementation has demonstrated a guaranteed level of efficiency.

How does the Webtrans e-CMR work?

The platform for the digitalization of the waybill management works through our own mobile application. All you have to do is integrate your TMS software with our app through the API and, from there, you will be able to control the tracking in real time. Let's get to know some of its most relevant features:

- Simplification

The time of complicated and time-consuming processes in connection with the transport documentation is now behind us. With the e-CMR app, the management and issuing of documents is simplified thanks to a complete and user-friendly interface.

- Personalization

The tool is designed to be adapted to the needs of the road freight transport of any kind. Therefore it offers wide possibilities of customization in order to satisfy the demands of the different areas of the sector.

- Maximum connection

The connectivity is a multi-format one and meets the essential requirements to keep all the team connected at all times.

- Geolocalized signature

One of the great advantages of the e-CMR is its precision and invulnerability. It is worth mentioning that it has the possibility of signing for the delivery or collection of the goods from the mobile device, which is registered through a geolocation system that can be tracked from Google Maps.

All in one application with the e-CMR

Discover all the benefits of the e-CMR software we have for you. At Webtrans we put the future in your hands.

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