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The Key Tool for the supply chain.


TranSmart is a real-time visibility tool that is aimed at helping companies to optimise their supply chain management. TranSmart provides a global and detailed view of what is happening in the logistics chain and allows the exchange of data between the parties that are involved.

TranSmart allows:

  • Have full control over all the processes in the supply chain in real-time.
  • Assign, re-distribute and re-allocate products through the platform.
  • Share all documents generated in real-time through the e-CMR.
  • Get real-time data and alerts to prevent disruptions and resolve errors quickly.
  • Reduce costs of claims, non-compliance or outstanding payments.


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To consult the statistics

You can view the statistics and keep monitoring of the entire process.

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Run processes efficiently

More efficient execution, as well as obtaining clearer data thanks to real-time visibility.

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Collect only the important data

Obtain important data from each stage of the supply chain that will allow you to solve failures and interruptions quickly and effectively.

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Share relevant information and alerts

Share relevant information, documents and alerts between stakeholders, getting them to the right person in real-time to prevent disruptions in the supply chain.

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Create your virtual warehouse

With Transmart, you can create a "Virtual Warehouse" from which you can manage the loading and unloading slots, the security measures that the driver must follow upon arrival or follow the driver's location in real time. Loading and unloading times are optimized as there are established schedules.

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