Freight exchange

Freight exchange

Plan and manage your logistics in a professional way

We are a digital platform where we principally let supply and demand match for the road, air and sea transport.

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Looking for loads?

If you are a haulier, publish your trucks and select the national and international loads you are most interested in according to your preferences and availability.

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Looking for trucks?

If you are a transport agency, find your loads on national and international level, get information about your goods in real time, optimize your invoicing processes...


WebTrans is an intelligent platform that is committed to the digitization of land logistics management, sea ​​and air, as well as the last mile.

Transport companies

Solve all your company's needs with our freight exchange for the European routes.


Transport agencies

WebTrans connects companies and transport agencies to guarantee an efficient transport.


Production and trade

Manage the transport of your goods from the start to the delivery with a total guarantee.


Now the freight exchanges are easier by land, sea and air.

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WebTruck: heavy weight freight exchange

  • Search comfortably from your mobile phone the freight that best matches your needs at any time.
  • Make yourself visible to the companies that are looking for loads. Indicate your availability and location so that they will be able to find you.
  • We speed up all the management related to your work: freight orders, invoices, advance payments, etc.

WebVan: light weight freight exchange

Find light loads for your vans and save costs in the last mile by sharing freight. Integrate your truck freight exchange with your van freight exchange without having to leave WebTrans.
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WebAir: air freight exchange

  • You can reserve a space or a complete airplane with a preset route.
  • Choose the shipping method that best suits to you: door-to-door, door-to-airport, airport-to-door or airport-to-airport.

WebSea: maritime freight exchange

Offer spaces and find freight for maritime transport. Offer and search for full or partial containers.
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Using our platform you will be able to optimize your work and your costs, manage documents and find new loads every day. Contact WebTrans professionals to request your personalized demo.

Check our loads in real time

The WebTrans system allows responding to the needs of each of the users, optimizing their work. You will be able to search for loads and vehicles in real time anywhere in Europe from the comfort of your mobile phone and bet on what that best suits the features you need. You can also manage invoices, advance payments, CMRs, loading orders...

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