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Freight forwarder

What you can do as a forwarding agency

  • Find the loads and vehicles you need at national and international levels and forget the empty journeys.
  • Publish your loads, trucks or your availables spaces and begin to invoice.
  • Receive the payment of your invoices in 48 hours through the fast payment service.
  • Ensure the payment of your transport services with our insurance.
  • You can manage everything from your mobile in a few seconds. With webtrans you will have access to freight searches, company directories, company solvency reports and many more tools to be more competitive.
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Services that you have access to as a transport agency

Fast payment

We advance the payment of your invoices with our own financing service so that you can continue working normally.


Send and receive the E-cmr in a digital way. Check in real time where exactly the electronic signature has been produced.


Our technological ecosystem allows you to manage all your work in a complete and comfortable way.

Loading orders

The loading order is essential before starting any loading operation. With webtrans, you will be able to generate it automatically.


Access our application and manage everything from there. all the documentation will be safe and consolidated in the same app.


Consult and publish offers for high volume loads that are repetitive in time and choose the company or haulier that offers you the best advantages.


Knows where your merchandise is at any moment. Anywhere, anytime.

Business report

Find out about the solvency of companies before you work with them. We provide you a detailed report on their real situation.

Dynamic search

Our exclusive service will show you on a map in real-time what loads and vehicles are available in the action range that you choose.


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I'm looking for heavy and lightweight loads

Find the ideal load for your truck or for the space in your truck, with easy steps and real-time reporting.

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I am looking for heavy and light vehicles

Find your vehicle. all the offers from carriers on one single digital platform.

Book a demo

Get your demo without any commitment and discover all the solutions that webtrans can offer you as a transport agency.

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