Digital waybill, What is the e-CMR?

One of the drawbacks of the professional transport sector is the amount of paperwork and documents required for its operation.

However, these documents are necessary to carry out any commercial transaction, as well as providing security in operations. Over the years these procedures have undergone innumerable variations, either due to political and geographical changes or, the most drastic change, digitalization.

A few years ago the traditional waybill went from being a paper document to a digital document, the e-CMR. Here’s what it is, how it’s used and how it can improve the day-to-day life of workers in the sector.

Do you know what the e-CMR is?

The Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road or “CMR” , is a document that formalizes the international transport contract used by hauliers and logistics operators, defining the obligations and responsibilities of both parties. Although in none of them do you assume ownership of the goods. This document presents the following information:

  • Date and place of the work completion.
  • Identification and addresses
  • Description of the goods
  • Information on means of transport
  • Itinerary with loading and unloading location
  • Customs instructions and information on hazardous goods

The use of the electronic bill of lading has become more and more popular in the last few years , as it offers considerable advantages for the drivers of international transport. The e-CMR is already a legally valid document in most of the European countries.

countries using e-cmr

Operation and benefits against the traditional way bill

Use the e-CMR is very easy. You just need to complete 4 steps:

  1. The freight forwader creates a digital waybill on the load platform.
  2. Once created, the e-CMR is sent from the TMS.
  3. The carriers receive his corresponding e-CMR, which allows him to perform all the necessary actions: digital signature, status update, settings and photography.
  4. The completed e-CMR is available for all parties involved in the distribution chain.

With this simple procedure we can achieve countless benefits such as:

  • You no longer need to have the physical paper and you no longer risk losing the document.
  • Saving for the future environment.
  • Problems with the readability of documents are eliminated.
  • Accurate and instant billing.
  • Real-time information on the status of shipments and deliveries.
  • Helps you to get more satisfied customers.
  • Management in very short time.
  • Reduced management fees.

And you, have you used this new waybill? We believe that it is, without a doubt, a great advance and advantage in logistics, as it will save costs and time.We hope our article has been useful to you. Remember that you can ask us any doubt in the comments, and of course, if you liked it, you can share it in your social networks.

Thank you for your time, and see you next time.


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