Experts by European Commission

We have been recognised by the European Commission as an expert company in digitalisation. This means that we have become part of the group of experts who advise the European Commission on logistics and transport.

This group exchanges ideas with other global experts in the logistics sector from a multitude of fields, nationalities and different institutional, academic and private organisations.

The main task of the group, and ours, will be to address, among other challenges, the adoption of the technical and functional requirements to be fulfilled so that the implementation of the eFTI Regulation (EU Regulation 2020/56) on the electronic road transport information can take place in 2025.

It is an honor for us to be able to collaborate and to contribute our technological and digital expertise and know-how to advise the European Commission on future Telematics, technology and digital applications for all modes of transport.

We will work firmly and steadily to ensure that the eFTI Regulation can become a reality and that the infrastructure, processes and technical procedures for accessing the structured data set of information required by the eFTI regulation can be put in place.

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