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Production and trade

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Are you looking for carriers?

If you need to find a transport service for your shipments, through our national and international freight exchange platform... We offer you a simple, efficient and secure platform with which you can get an efficient logistics.

What services does our freight exchange offer you?

Truck WebTrans
Offer your freights and find the carriers that best match your needs.
WebTender; from here, you can publish tenders for the transport of your goods.
e-CMR; in WebTrans, we electronically transform the traditional consignment note so that you can generate and send it through our system, saving costs and time.
GTS; you can access our transport management system. From there you will have access to the management of your transport and e-CMR orders. You can also receive invoices from your carriers.
WebTracking; with this GPS tracking system you will be able to know in real time where the truck is and in what condition your goods are in.

Your work is not limited to finding carriers

WebTrans is not a traditional freight exchange platform, we have several services at your disposal that will simplify your work, do you want to know them?

What other services do we offer?

Companies WebTrans services
WebVan, you can carry out your logistics process to the point of sale with our freight exchange platform for vans.
WebInform; don't take any risks and check the creditworthiness of companies before working with them.

A chance to reduce transport costs

To develop a business, sometimes we need to make a big investment which, occasionally suppose a break on the advance or develop. In WebTrans we talk about this and that's why we suggest an economic and immediate solution to solve one of the key points of lots of business like yours, finding a carrier.

From our platform you'll find carriers available to take your freight to its destination. Without any need of big investments, you only have to offer your freights and start receiving purchase offers. Or if you want, you can also search the carrier by yourself.

But if what you need is a big or frequent transport, you can also offer tenders and find transports for your deliveries.

And all of that in the same platform! Hurry up and try it out.

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