Find or publish loads for vans!

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WebVan is an exclusive service for light and short distance transport

Thanks to our service, you will be able to find or publish specific loads for vans, a mode of transport that brings you closer to your customers in a more efficient way.

Do you have a van?

Find light loads for your vehicle
Save costs! Completing the space on each trip.
Completes the logistical process from the manufacturer to the point of sale
Loads for vans

Do you need vans for transport?

Find drivers that fit your light loads
Go the last mile saving costs
You will be able to link the traditional freight bag with the light transport bag, completing the entire logistics process on a single platform.

Do you want to know how our freight exchange for vans works?

Once the cargoes have been published, carriers will be able to bid on them.
When the company has an offer that suits its demand, it can assign the load to the driver.

Do you need a complete transport?

In our platform, you can complete the transport process of your goods,
from the production warehouse or the warehouse to the point of sale!

Full product transport cycle