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Carrier exchange services

Freight exchange for carriers

WebTrans' freight exchange for carriers, together with our logistics integration platform, we offers you all the resources you need to turn your business into a machine able to generate profits in a scalable, efficient and global way thanks to the optimization of all the processes that are carried out daily within your company.
Discover how our freight exchange for carriers can mark a before and an after in your capacity to manage and find available loads and carriers.

What is a freight exchange for carriers?

A freight exchange for carriers permits any company to register its need to transport any type of merchandise with the objective of finding carriers to carry it. On the carrier's side, a freight exchange is the most convenient way of finding freight available in a particular area that is suited to your truck or van, so that you can make the most of every trip by using all the space available in your vehicle.

How can the WebTrans Freight Exchange help you?

At WebTrans, we differentiate ourselves from other freight exchanges platforms by offering you the best way to match your needs and solve your problems, with benefits such as: The ability to find thousands of loads for trucks and vans across Europe every day. The possibility of connecting you with the 10.000 companies that are registered in our platform, and that every day need carriers for their goods. The advance payment of your invoices in only 48 hours. The guarantee that you will know the solvency of the companies you will be working with before accepting their orders. The possibility of managing your operations with WebTrans from your mobile phone. Special advantages and discounts on fuel as a member of Club WebTrans.

What other advantages and services does our platform offer you?

Each of the carriers that already trust in WebTrans for finding new freight through our freight exchange every day also have the ability to save time and money through a series of associated services and advantages exclusive to our platform, such as:
Tracking of vehicles and goods in real time through your mobile phone. A Fleet Manager that will allow you to obtain information on the fuel consumption and the status of the fleet in real time, as well as the status of your drivers via a digital tachograph. The possibility of quickly locating the available loads that best suits your vehicle and the locations that your routes cross in real time.

Access to our freight exchange free of charge, without any obligation.

At WebTrans we are so convinced that our platform will offer you the perfect way to increase your profits that you can try our freight exchange for carriers for free, without any obligation.
And remember that if you have any questions, our team is always at your disposal.

Our services

We ensure the collection of your bills.


Publish offers of high-volume loads or tenders.


Know where your goods are at all times.


Save on fuel.


All the paperwork on your mobile.

Fast payment

The advance payment of your invoices is an exclusive Webtrans service that will boost your business.

Business report

Reliability. Get a detailed report on the solvency and real reputation of your potential supplier or client.


All the work within reach of a touch on your mobile and in the same tool: load orders and assigned carriers or companies; generate and send invoices from any device and track and much more.

Fleet Manager

Localise and manage your vehicles wherever they are.

Dynamic Search

Search for loads and vehicles at the location of your choice.

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Loads in real time
Up arrowOrigin Destination arrowDestination Load weightWeight Size weightLength
SpainES (120727) Alcover United KingdomGB (695069) Lostock Gralam 12.00(Tn) 13.60(m)
GermanyDE (14340) Bernburg SpainES (130785) Viana 24.00(Tn) 13.60(m)
SpainES (134907) Cheste RomaniaRO (932508) Uzunu 24.00(Tn) 13.60(m)
ItalyIT (258457) Falze' RomaniaRO (932487) Bolintin-Deal 24.00(Tn) 13.60(m)
RomaniaRO (916893) Găeşti FranceFR (216233) Saint-Quentin-Fallavier 24.00(Tn) 13.60(m)
SpainES (119227) Cassa De La Selva SpainES (116499) Illescas 24.00(Tn) 13.60(m)
GermanyDE (15117) Zielitz SpainES (101217) Alfajarin 24.00(Tn) 13.60(m)
SpainES (118790) Vic FranceFR (216749) Jarrie 19.80(Tn) 13.60(m)
RomaniaRO (916893) Găeşti FranceFR (178002) Mer 24.00(Tn) 13.60(m)
SpainES (119227) Cassa De La Selva SpainES (132467) Oñati 24.00(Tn) 13.60(m)
ItalyIT (246772) Verdellino RomaniaRO (932487) Bolintin-Deal 24.00(Tn) 13.60(m)
SpainES (121164) Lobon RomaniaRO (932730) Popeşti-Leordeni 24.00(Tn) 13.60(m)
SpainES (119227) Cassa De La Selva SpainES (116499) Illescas 24.00(Tn) 13.60(m)
SpainES (118666) El Pont De Cabrianes NetherlandsNL (329131) Moordrecht 25.00(Tn) 13.60(m)
SpainES (118790) Vic FranceFR (216749) Jarrie 19.80(Tn) 13.60(m)
SpainES (132210) Leioa RomaniaRO (925454) Ariceştii Rahtivani 24.00(Tn) 13.60(m)
ItalyIT (258446) Paese RomaniaRO (932730) Popeşti-Leordeni 24.00(Tn) 13.60(m)
SpainES (120727) Alcover GermanyDE (4739) Marktheidenfeld 12.00(Tn) 13.60(m)
SpainES (119074) Girona SpainES (98691) Granada 24.00(Tn) 13.60(m)
SpainES (119074) Girona SpainES (98691) Granada 24.00(Tn) 13.60(m)