Logistics, an indispensable sector for the economic system

In Webtrans we know the importance of the work of the transport professionals, who have been positioned in this crisis as real heroes.

The ones left to applaud the carriers have been reproduced all over Europe, being the citizenship conscious of the work of these people.


The state of alarm that is being experienced in Europe and the rest of the world has highlighted the fundamental importance of certain professions. The health professionals have been strongly joined by the transporters, the other heroes in this scenario along with the security forces.

The carriers are the ones who are making it possible for the hospitals, pharmacies and supermarkets to find the necessary materials to continue working and serving those who need it the most.

There are many who have called attention to the good work of the transport professionals, even organized through social networks left to applaud those who are certainly one of the protagonists of this health crisis.

In Webtrans we wanted to pay our particular tribute to the transporters who have not left the road or the streets of our country no matter how adverse the situation is, as has happened in Europe. They are the ones who work day and night, putting common interests before their own. More over, they bring CALM to everyone.

In fact, logistics is a great source of richness. Investment in this sector in 2019 amounted to 1,684 million euros, 7.5% more than in 2018, which represents the second best figure since 2003. It is the fourth sector in terms of investment volume captured in 2019.

These data reflect the good health of transport by land, sea and air. And if you add to that the momentum represented by the advance of technology, the result is extremely positive.

And this is the Webtrans solution. Bringing together all the know-how in logistics with the most advanced technology on an digital platform, which translates into the best tool in the sector for transport agencies, companies and carriers. Because it solves from door to door and in real time all the needs of logistics.

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