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Are you looking for freight offers?

In Webtrans, you will find a wide variety of loads to complete your truck, and return loads to make your trips as profitable as possible without having an empty vehicle.

What can we offer you in our freight exchange service?

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Ease of publishing your truck and making yourself visible, as well as finding the loads that match you.
WebTender; thanks to this service, you will be able to access calls for tenders for a wide range of tenders published by companies.
e-Cmr; this is the traditional consignment note, but in digital version. Companies will be able to automatically send you the e-CMR for the loads you served them with.
GTS; through this transport management system, you will be able to see the loading orders and e-CMRs that have been assigned to you. You will also have access to generate and send invoices to your customers for transport services.
WebTracking; from here, you can show your customer by GPS the tracking of his loads in real time.
WebSecure; with this function, you can insure the loads with COFACE's guarantee.
Access to the freight exchange for vans WebVan to complete your logistical process.

We know that you need more than just finding loads for your work...

We know that the transport sector is much more than just finding and transporting loading proposals, that's why we have services for you that will simplify your work, what are you waiting for to discover them?

What services do we offer you?

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Access to our freight exchange platform.
Request for the IDS fuel card free of charge.
Know the creditworthiness of the companies which give you loads.
Advance the collection of your invoices and obtain liquidity within 48 hours.

Finding loads offer to fill your vehicle never has been this simple

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