A new system of dynamic search on a map

  • Dynamic Search allows you to search and select the freight that best suits carriers and companies in real time. 

  • It is now possible to select and confirm the most efficient and cost-effective route on the spot and without leaving the Webtrans application.

The technology makes work much more convenient and efficient today than it was a few years ago. What was previously unthinkable, is now an application at your hand that allows you to search for loads on a map and select them if you are interested, and this has been named Dynamic Search.

Webtrans continues to innovate in the logistics sector with the implementation of this tool, integrated into its 100% cloud ecosystem. This is a new service that will make the work of carriers, companies and transport agencies easier, in an intuitive way and close to all audiences.

How it works 

In the Webtrans application, users will find the Dynamic Search tool. Selecting it will open a map that is continually updated in which you can see all the loads that are available at that time. The user can also select the radius of action where he wants to operate, depending on the route that interests him most at the time. The Webtrans system will show the loads that best suit the user, taking into account the characteristics of his vehicle, its location and the search radius that has been selected. From all the options that appear, the user selects the one he considers best suited to his needs and confirms the operation on the fly.

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The new tool has been developed with the particularities of the work of the carriers in mind, so that the user can choose to search for loads in the place where he is and also in the place of destination where he is going to move. In this way, « the Webtrans system goes a step further and follows the user at all times, adapting itself to their needs », underlines Juan Calmaestra, head of Communication of the technological platform.

A new, very visual tool

 With this new feature, Webtrans continues to provide new tools to transform the experience of its users. As Juan Calmaestra explains, « Now loads can find users and so it is not the users who invest time in searching for loads ». In fact, the new Webtrans application is developed with a high level of detail, so that any area chosen on the map can be viewed with the maximum level of reality. 

The integration in the platform with which thousands of companies and transporters already work has been made in a very visual way, so that « if you click on any element of the map all the available details will be showed », assures Calmaestra. A function thought to make easier the management of loads, but also to be able to make a better follow-up of the positioning of the vehicles.

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