Winter Truck Driving Tips

From WebTrans we give you some tips so that you can drive a truck in winter and confront this difficult time.

Have you ever driven on frozen or snowed roads? Have you ever suffered an intense cold while driving? You probably already have some driving experience, but with all the more reason you will know that with rain, ice, wind and snow driving becomes much more complicated.

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  • Truck in a good condition. It is very important that your vehicle and all its components are ready to withstand the toughest conditions. Imagine that if your truck breaks down, you are stranded in the middle of the road and, worse still, in a severe storm.
  • Tire condition: This is very important for the safety of the driver and other drivers.
  • In addition to the above, if your itinerary goes through a mountainous area, don’t forget the snow chains.
  • Check the antifreeze and brake fluid.
  • In terms of the engine oil, synthetic or semi-synthetic is the best material for these cases because it is more resistant to low-temperature conditions.
  • Check if the fuel tank is full.

Check the following points

  • Truck heating. It is very important to check this so that the truck maintains the most adequate temperature on the road.
  • Tires. The good condition of the tires is fundamental for the safety of the truck.
  • Truck insurance, coverages and services.
  • Check the weight of the load. Ensure that everything is distributed in a balanced way.
  • Wiper condition.
  • Battery. It is preferable to change the battery just before the beginning of winter, because it is used much more quickly to use the heater inside the vehicle.
  • Lights. It is necessary to see if all the lighthouses are in good condition, and even to have spare lamps.

winter truck

On the road

  • Start carefully. It is advisable to start the engine and leave it at a standby until the optimal temperature is reached. If you start quickly after your truck has been subjected to high temperatures, the frictional elements may be too cold, which would reduce the life of the engine.
  • Drive carefully. You need to get your full attention on the road. From 0ºC, ice will probably form on the road. This happens at intersections and under bridges.
  • Know your brakes well. Apply the brake slowly to avoid slipping.
  • Try not to stop. Do this only if it is urgent, because it takes more inaction to start moving from a hard stop . This could also cause problems for other drivers.

Stay on the alert

  • Find out about the weather and road conditions.
  • Keep an eye on the trailer at all times. You could push the truck if it stops suddenly.
  • Road signs and radio announcements.
  • Messages from the Police Force and road maintenance workers.
  • Increase the safety distance in order to be able to anticipate any problems in time. Let’s remember that the ground is very slippery.
  • Abrupt movements are prohibited.
  • Adjust your speed.

If you have a breakdown

If this happens to you, before you get out of the truck, put on the reflective jacket. The vehicle must be clearly indicated, the emergency triangles must not be missing. Despite this, visibility can be difficult when roads are sometimes in a bad condition.

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That’s all, thanks to WebTrans, we hope that these tips will be useful and that you can drive your truck safely throughout the winter, do you know the news that will make the trends for 2019 in transport and logistics?

Thank you very much for your time and see you next time.

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