Webtrans integrates a compatible fleet manager for all mobile types devices

  • The incorporation of real-time GPS tracking of vehicles provides transport professionals with the ability to reduce mobility costs by up to 20%.

  • Fleet Manager joins the ecosystem of specialized services of Webtrans, the only technological platform that provides solutions to all the needs of the logistics sector in an agile and safe way.

The future of transport is necessarily on the path of sustainability and efficiency. And, in this sense, technology will provide all the answers. For example, the use of an intelligent fleet management system helps companies in the logistics sector to reduce their cost of mobility by up to 20% through savings in fuel and maintenance and increased productivity.

That’s why Webtrans has added the Fleet Manager to its ecosystem of specialized transportation and logistics services. This is a fleet management system “compatible with all mobile devices without the need for installation or costly investment” remarks Juan Calmaestra, head of Communications of the technological platform.

From only 9.95 euros per month, any professional or company in the sector can have access to the Fleet Manager and to all the advantages that the use of a fleet manager brings: to make a GPS tracking in real time of all the vehicles; to monitor the fuel consumption, the speed or the temperature; to download in remote the tachograph of the driver; to be aware of all the maintenance needs or to analyse in real time also the behaviour of the driver, facilitating this way the management of any task.

Functionalities that translate “into savings of economic resources and time, but also into an increased security and efficiency of the companies“, adds Calmaestra, for whom the main advantage is, without a doubt, “that obtaining all this information contributes to improve the strategic decision making of the companies”.

The Webtrans Fleet Manager system also stands out for the ease of use it provides to its users. “To start enjoying this service it is only necessary to know the IMEI and SIM card number of the vehicle’s mobile phone,” explains Juan Calmaestra, who also highlights the integration of the Fleet Manager into the Webtrans mobile app, “so that any professional can manage all the system’s functionalities from their own smartphone, at any time and from anywhere”.

The integration of Fleet Manager reinforces Webtrans as the only technology platform that solves from door to the door all the needs of the logistics sector. “Not only do we meet the demand for supply and purchase of loads in a simple, agile and safe way, but we have created a technological ecosystem designed by and for transport and logistics professionals, helping them in their digital transformation,” says Webtrans’ Communications Manager.

The company, which is finalizing in the short term the launch of the air and sea transport lines, as well as other functionalities related to Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, is thus preparing to make the step into international commercialization after its successful path in the European market since its creation in 2017. “Webtrans is the only online system with its own technology that covers 100% of the needs of the logistics process, both in terms of management and production, as well as in the financial and business part”, remarks Juan Calmaestra.

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