At Webtrans we are committed to the recovery of the logistics sector and we are committed to you

In these months we have developed several initiatives so that all those involved in the logistics process can make their work more profitable and easier

At Webtrans we never stop and we always want to go further. As well as being the technological platform that solves all the needs of the logistics sector and having the most complete technological development in the sector, in recent months we have launched several initiatives to help everyone involved in the logistics process

Our extensive experience means that we are very sensitive to the current situation of the sector. Therefore, we have developed several initiatives with a single objective: to help all the people and companies that work in logistics, making their work more profitable, easier and more agile. No matter if you are a transport agency or company, a freelancer or an employee, Webtrans is also your solution. 

In particular, there have been three actions that we have launched since mid-December and that have been very well received by many employees and companies in the sector. Firstly, we reduced the cost of the Annual Subscription by almost 50%, specifically from 585 to 300 euros; secondly, we have given away the e-CMR for free for everyone and forever; and lastly, we have launched Fast Payment the tool for companies and self-employed professionals to receive their payments in 48 hours without any interest. 

Why are we carrying out these initiatives?

For years we have been in the shoes of the haulier and we know perfectly well what it costs every bureaucratic step that has to be taken and the effort of every driven kilometre. Taxes, self-employed fees, requirements from other countries, late payments, insecurity in the face of large corporations… At Webtrans we know the day-to-day life of so many self-employed professionals and companies that work in the logistics sector throughout Europe, which is why we wanted these and other actions to be an encouragement to anyone who wants and who needs it

Our ultimate goal is to boost the logistics sector in the only way that is possible, making the work of all the agents involved more profitable, facilitating the whole process, providing solutions. 

In addition, we are very concerned about the increase in the non-payment rate of the transport sector. If at the beginning of last year the average of the payment terms was 78 days, according to the latest study carried out by the Permanent Observatory of Non-Payment, this term has risen to an average of 84 days, a figure that in real life is an unbearable situation for so many self-employed workers and companies in the logistics sector. 

For all these reasons, at Webtrans we have been working hard to ensure that this economic crisis does not leave anyone by the roadside. From the first days of the beginning of the pandemic, the fundamental importance of a sector such as logistics has become clear, firstly by attending to the needs of a confined society, then as a driving force for all the sectors that have found in e-commerce a new way of doing business, and of course, as a strategic sector in the transport of the vaccines that must lead us to the end of this period. 

At Webtrans we want to walk the path with you, with the thousands of carriers, transport companies and agencies that every day, with their efforts, enhance the importance of the logistics sector. By land, sea and air, logistics is the engine that the society needs to continue evolving into a more digital, fairer and more profitable system, in which all processes are simplified

As we like to say, we are your technological ally, because we are committed to all the people involved in logistics, throughout the entire process, wherever they are. 

If you are a carrier, company or agency and you want to contact Webtrans, you can do it through this formulary and a commercial agent will contact you personally to explain to you all the details without any obligation.

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