The Transport White Paper, an initiative for and by the future

Do you know the Transport White Paper?

It is a strategic document made by the European Commission that sets out the way forward for the transport systems in the European Union in the coming decades. They define it as “A road map towards a single European transport area”.

This road map has been created to promote efficient transport, which means reduced traffic jams, lower emissions, more jobs and therefore more growth. Another important function of the road map is to encourage the large European companies that are leaders in the transport sector to remain so.

How is this strategy defined? The Transport White Paper sets out 10 key objectives, where the resolution of each one directly affects a problem in the sector and society.

The 10 objectives are:

1 By 2030, reduce the use of conventionally fuelled cars by 50%, with a view to eliminating them completely by 2050.

2 To achieve a 40% share of low-carbon fuel use in air transport by 2050. As well as reducing emissions in the maritime sector, CO2 emissions from heating oil by 40-50%.

3 By 2030, to shift 30% of transport from road to other modes, such as rail and inland waterways, and by 2050, 50%. This will require developing the right infrastructure and relying on efficient and environmentally friendly modes of freight transport.

4 Creation of a Europe-wide high-speed rail network by 2050. The aim is for the majority of medium distance journeys to be made by rail.

5 By 2030, to have a fully operational, multimodal, Europe-wide TEN-T core network available and fully operational.

6 Connect, preferably, the entire air core network with high-speed rail. Similarly with the maritime area and, if possible, connect ports to the inland waterway network.

7Modernise air infrastructure and implement management systems similar to those on the ground.

8 Establish a framework for a European multimodal transport information, management and payment system.

8 Reduce the number of road deaths, aiming for a reduction to 0% as far as possible. Make the EU a leading area for safety and security.

10 Seek full application of the “user-pays” and ” the polluter pays” principles, as well as for private companies to generate revenue and secure funding for future transport investments.

Inside the Transport White Paper each of these objectives is discussed in more depth and explained in more detail.

Do you want to read it?

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