Transport 4.0

When we talk about Transport 4.0 we are referring to the revolution in transport management processes, derived from the use of a set of new technologies and processes framed within the “fourth industrial revolution”, which is characterised by linking the cybernetic and the physical world

Among these technologies and processes are the digital transformation, the driverless vehicles, the artificial intelligence, the blockchain, smart contracts, the Internet of things, the nanotechnology, the increased reality, the big data, etc.

At Webtrans, we are aware of the needs of the logistics sector and its transformation, and with the help of our programming team, we have developed the most complete platform in the sector for helping you to form part of this digital revolution/transformation with the only aim of simplifying your day-to-day work.

The platform is segmented by the professional profile: self-employed hauliers, transport companies, transport agencies, production and trade… and also by the type of logistics [land, sea and air]. Each of the profiles has a direct access on its own device to many services adapted to its own needs, which means that you have all your working tools on your own mobile phone:

  • Digital Freight Bill
  • Exclusive financing advantages
  • Digital tools to facilitate your invoicing
  • Credit insurance for your invoices
  • Solvency reports about partners
  • Management of freight exchanges adapted to your vehicles and route.
  • Free job exchange to bring together companies and drivers, drivers and businesses.
  • Own section for tenders, both for launching and requesting.
  • e-CMR in real time

These are just some of the tools. If we have awakened your attention, leave us your details and we will call you to inform you. Depending on your professional profile, we will guide you on how to optimise the platform and make your work more productive.

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Upcoming events:

⦁ 16 October: II Andalusian Logistics Meeting

⦁ 18 November: V Forum of Logistics Talent

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