The green logistics are accelerating. Are we ready for it?

Limiting the impact of human beings on the planet and achieving sustainable development has gone from being an option to being a necessity. An urgency.

At this moment, finding solutions to stop the global warming process is a priority in the agenda of the companies, the citizens and, more and more, the governments.

According to the World Economic Forum, the logistics sector generates about 6% of the greenhouse gas emissions

This obligation to transform itself has been taking effect in the sector, which began to move towards the so-called Green Logistics some years ago. But today, the development of the Environmental Logistics has become a question of business and opportunities. A road where everyone who wants to be competent must be. 

Many times, the term Environmental Logistics, or Green Logistics, is confused with the Reverse Logistics. They are not the same. Reverse Logistics is limited to taking care of the products beyond the point of sale (returns and reconditioning for recycling), while Green Logistics covers everything that companies do to minimize the ecological impact of their activity. These tasks include: 


  • Vehicle maintenance: From checking the condition of the tyres to selecting new models that are more eco-friendly.


  • Load optimisation: to achieve a reduction in empty kilometres, to optimise routes to reduce the kilometres that are driven, etc.


  • Design and use of packaging and containers: Making designs that make the most of space, use of recycled and recyclable materials, etc.


The sustainability has a lot to do with logistics 4.0, because the technology adapted to the specific solutions of the sector, permits to speed up the processes and to have in real time some data about the state of your vehicle, its fuel consumption, the temperature of the refrigerators, the fastest route, access to the loads in the same route, selection of loads by volume…

We must be in the future, and this future is immediate, so in Webtrans we already offer a single digital platform with all digital solutions designed to optimize your time, the money, the energetic savings and the care of the planet. 


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