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caso de éxito fast payment, a self-employed haulier and manager of his small transport company, Transportes Frontera, got to know us through facebook 1 month ago and today he is already a user of our Fast Payment service. Antonio was able to collect his invoices worth €30,000 in 48 hours by paying a small handling fee of €114. 

Is it worth waiting up to 180 days to get paid when you can have your money in 2 days? If you ask Antonio, he is clear, NO!

Antonio Cruz, has told us, textually: I contacted #Webtrans because of their #Freightexchangeplatform and when they hired me this service I didn’t even think about it, I had nothing to lose, now I have enough cash to continue day by day in my truck and invest in new routes that generate me more profits. I have also gained in health

Contact us and we will inform you without obligation, you know, you lose nothing: 

-How did he do it? Antonio, owner of Transportes Frontera, grouped several invoices from the same customer who was not registered on the platform, no matter where they came from or the freight exchange, and obtained the amount of liquidity he needed, and there is no doubt that he will continue to do so every month. The cost to his company is an insignificant 0.6%, there is no bank or financial institution that can offer it.-

Do you want it for your business?  Watch this Fast Payment tutorial, we have made a simple guide to show you how easy it is.

Contact us and we will inform you without obligation, you know, you lose nothing. Visist our website.

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