At Webtrans we have a new website and new business lines

– As the most innovative company in the logistics sector, we are publishing a new website that includes new features as easily as ever

– In addition, new tools are incorporated such as the button that enables direct communication with the company or the chat function

At Webtrans, true to our innovative spirit, we have launched a new website in order to update the services we provide to all our customers and to show those who are not yet one of our customers,the advantages of being part of the network in which more and more companies and carriers are to be found every day.

The new site, which maintains the same web address, brings together in this area the new tools that have been launched to make the work of our clients easier but also to be able to take their work even further, specifically on a global scale. Of course, if you are not yet a client, the first thing we are offering you is a seven-day free trial, no more and no less.

The new website exposes the immense advantages of contracting the Webtrans services, both for carriers, transport companies and forwarding agents.

It also explains what the Webtrans tool can do for production companies and retailers. Because it is the only technological platform that allows any companies to manage from the beginning to the end the transport and delivery of their goods with all the guarantees.

Webair and Websea

The new website also presents the two new services with which Webtrans is making the jump to a global scale, breaking all the barriers in the logistics sector. We incorporate Webair, as the fastest and safest method for international freight transport. Now the airlines can offer an available space in the airplane and the freight forwarders can post cargoes that need to be taken more further. In addition, you can choose the shipping method that interests you the most, and do so with all the security and agility that characterizes us.

With Websea we offer you the opportunity to save on an international itinerary. You will be able to experiment the flexibility that this service offers, without limitations of weight, volume or type of product, with which you will have the opportunity to reserve complete containers or work with the method of maritime groupage.

Fleet Manager and Dynamic Search join our services

In additional to the new lines of business, at Webtrans we continue to offer a wide variety of services that make our platform the most complete in the logistics sector. With Fleet Manager you will be able to locate your vehicles through GPS and reduce up to 20% the cost of mobility, and with Dynamic Search the artificial intelligence incorporated in our system is in charge of offering you the loads that best suits you according to the type of truck you have, the axles of work you usually do and the position of your truck at the time of your search.

Because our platform is made with our own technology and incorporates Artificial Intelligence. Nobody gives more for less. Surf our website and find out.


Know all our services, take a look at our website.

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